Assistance required

So purchased keyclone, (no trial, not happy paying for something i cant tell if i need) anyways purchased and from reading information, thought this was a multi platform programme? ie will work over 2 pcs? does it work on 2 PCs?


I am trying to do the same, did you ever get a reply? can not seem to find any basic how to guides....sigh.

I'm gonna try posting a basic how to guide.  But if you're stuck, I'd recommend trying the Solid ICE discord.  There's at least a few of us who check there regularly, not so many users on these forums.

I've walked quite a number of people thru basic wow setups over the years ( thinking about writing up so much documentation makes my brain tired)  it's just easier to talk someone thru it then try to type up all the little things users can get into.

drop me a note on discord or try phoning in (info on the contact page).


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