Great Concept, but needs work

I am loving oQueue but oMail has left me wanting. When I set a destination for a particular item and I am on the toon that is the destination it keeps trying to follow the mail rule set for that destination. This action makes it nearly impossible to send mail from that toon to others.. An example of this is I received a gem from a Blingtron 4000 gift on my enchanter, I opened my mail to send it to my jewelcrafter and it kept trying to load the mail with my enchanting mats. This caused the repeated error to flash across my screen that I cannot send mail to myself. So is the mail program bugged, do I need to reinstall or what do I need to do? Any help on this would be great.

Also after I installed oMail and Icebox I now have a Skype/Wowhead/Undermine interface box. I do not use Skype while I am playing WoW and I would rather tab out to look at Wowhead or Undermine. I Have not been able to find a way in game to disable this option even with oMail disabled. I see the option in the Icebox settings to disable it but apparently you can only disable some options if you are licensed.
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