Great Addon, Issue With Removing Items

Okay, this addon is a god-send for me being OCD as hell.  Thank you.  Question though, how do I remove an item without deleting the entire destination?  I can open omail, remove the item, close omail, open it back up and the item I removed is still there.  What am I doing wrong?  Deleting the entire destination and rebuilding it works, but that's a pain of course.

Thanks again,
there is a little 'x' in the top right of each item you add to a destination in omail.  clicking this will remove it from the list. 

does this not work for you?

Yeah, sorry, I should have articulated that better.  I click the x on the individual item and it removes it from the list for that moment.  I then close omail (X in the top right) and type /omail again to open it back up and the items I previously removed prior to closing and re-opening are back on the listing and it sends that item there.
Talked to a cohort of mine using this addon, which rules, and he's not having any issues with that.  Will try a re-install again.  I guess that would suggest one of my other addons is jacking with it.  :-)
I have the addon installed but it wont even pop up?
type /omail or /om

tho /om can conflict with omouse if you also have the installed (unfortunate shortcut selections, sorry)
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