unable to locate realm id.


I like oqueue IHM much better that bli2, but it keeps saying that it's unable to locate french realm :

- ConfrérieduThorium

- LaCroisadeécarlate

- ...

and many more.

More over, it will repeat same message 10 or 20 times, filling my chat windows which is really annoying.

I could not find an easy way to report this on wow.publicvent.org as error message asks for, so I'm doing it here, hope you can fix it.



Thanks Krok we'll check it out ASAP

sounds like the spelling is, yet again, different from what blizzard normally uses for those realms.

in order to make the updates, i will need all the realm names as they appear in your chat.

Here is a copy of a few errors lines I collected today in my chat windows :

[10:59:36] unable to locate realm id. realm[ConfrérieduThorium]
[15:53:08] unable to locate realm id. realm[MarécagedeZangar]
[17:51:58] unable to locate realm id. realm[LaCroisadeécarlate]

[21:00:29] unable to locate realm id. realm[Ner’zhul]
[21:00:06] unable to locate realm id. realm[Cho’gall]

[20:51:10] unable to locate realm id. realm[Arakarahm]

Same problem here I'm in Cho'gall server so I can't use Oqueue, since 6.0 patch, thanks for your help :)


I have the same error message "unable to locate realm id. realm[Cho’gall]", with a slight difference.. In fact i'm from the realm "LesSentinelles"! Also my button "scan" from the setting of oComms doesn't do anything at all.

I hope you can help me as much as it can help you make oQ better!


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