Problems installing new update on mac

Hi, when i download the new update i get a file that seems already unzipped because it only gives me the option to compress the file. I delete the old oqueue file and drag and drop in the new one, restart wow and check the addons tab to find no oqueue. I'm not sure what im supposed to do if i'm downloading an already unzipped file. Halp Halp
love a response for this one
When you press download, the website "serves" you the file, your browser may then give you the option to open or save the file. Im guessing you are pressing Open, or your browser (probably safari) is configured to open the file. If given the open you need to "save as" this will save the .zip file. When you open the file in your browser, it "ruins" the file as safari, or your browser doesn't know how to open the zip file. 
I went to my safari preferences and turned off the "open safe file" option and when I downloaded it again it popped up as a zip, unzipped and dropped into addons, works fine. Thanks a ton!
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