please report this to tiny


Sorry if my post is not in the correct location. I report an error on the current version 3.0.7.a :

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G'afternoon Alathea,

i've added special case spellings for each of the realms, so it should be good to go (tho i'm unable to test as i'm only on US realms). oQueue 3.0.7b is now on the site as well as icebox. please let me know if there are any issues.

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Hi tiny,

Thank you, it seems to work now. But I have a new realm that is added to the problem, sorry not to have noticed before ...

Don't do update specifically for that

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hmmm ... Cho'gall is already in the list for the EU.

was this only at log in or did it continue?

This happens every game connection, more precisely when I open the OQ window or predefined group windows.

Now, this is the only realm error.

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