friend requests - why oQueue uses them

My Explanation:

What happens when you click waitlist is you send the leader a friend request with your information. The leader then sends you back a friend request saying "thanks, your on my waitlist". This "return message", that you recieve from the leader, is processed by oQueue, and then automatically declined.

You are now on the "waitlist" for that group. If the leader chooses to invite you, they will send you a second friend request with a note, oQueue reads this note, accepts the friend request, and the leader auotmatically invites you to the group. Your oQueue will automatically accept this group invitation.

There is no manual friend request action you need to take. There is a option to hide the friend request popups, it is on the setup tab if you would wish to enable it.

Tiny's Explanation:

in order to 'wait list' for a group with an unknown leader on a realm you've never been on, there must be some way to send information between the two of you. this is the bnet friend request system.

when you click 'wait list', oQueue sends a friend request to the leader's btag with a note containing your various info and a special token to get on the list. the leader's oQueue will spot the request in the pending friends list, pull it, decline it, then check to see if you're qualified for the group. it will then create another friend request with the response containing your special token in the note. your oQueue will spot it, decline it, then process the note... veerifying your special token and changing your 'wait list' button to 'pending'.

when the group leader decides to invite you, he will press the 'invite' button associated with your request... which sends a bnet friend request with an invite message containing your special token. your oQueue will spot the special token, realize that it's an invite request, and accept the friend request. once the leader sees you've become a bnet friend, his oQueue invites you into the group.

20 seconds later... the bnet friendship is removed if the two of you had never been friends before. this keeps your friends list from growing (tho it will grow with bnet mesh requests as people try to reach out to the mesh on dead realms)

does this help explain why things are happening as they do?
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