oQueue not running EU

Im playing on Sanguino (Spanish EU) and oQueue is not running...

I've talked to people from my old guild and say that since the addon does not work.

But if that's true, because there is an update on the 6th?


blizzard embedded oQueue like functionality into the game with 6.01 and called it the group finder. they also disabled bnet friend request notes, which effectively shutdown the mesh network used by oQueue.

a week after it was released, blues on the forums were trying to defend against the criticism of the group finder and said it was up to the addon dev community to improve its UI (imagine that)

a few days later i released oQueue v3.0 that hooked into the group finder back end feed. today, oQueue's data comes from the group finder backend. it's quite limited and only shows groups from a limited set of realms.

if you're using the latest oQueue and don't see any groups, trying clearing filters and selecting a different premade type (there's usually a couple raids running)

Good night

I tried to do what he tells me, I have also deleted the WTF folder and deleted the oQueue and returned to "install".

I still can see European servers.
However, if I create a premade, if I can see it ...

Many people from my server give oQueue literally dead and I despair the idea that is so, since I have no objective search for a guild

Sorry I can not offer more information about this error, I hope that future versions work properly. (At least to me)

Thank you very much!!

Maxinumis, we've been working on something for a while that will hopefully be ready for beta this weekend. it should enable you and your friends to find groups across all realms and not be limited to a small handful.

as it's a new system there will be some time for word to spread and groups to be formed. we experienced the same issue when oQueue was first introduced. during that time, we will be working on improvements and adding more functionality to help with finding quality groups. we will also depend on users for suggestions and comments to help steer our development to the most useful solution.

when it's ready you'll see it on the main page as well as a post on the general forums.

hopefully the new system will help solve your issues

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