oQueue list black / not working - what to do?

I re-installed and it displays the appropriate version of oqueue, but now the find mesh button is greyed out and the find premade tab is empty.

I tried clearing the gmt time adjustment via /oq tz 0 but results are the same.

scroll up and read previous posts... find mesh does not work

bliz broke OQ, current OQ is only working for anyone on your realm or connected realms if you have any

Ah. I guess there are only 16 people in my realm with oqueue online atm then. Thanks.

Most people got wind that OQ was being disabled by Bliz, I think not everyone knows about the new version Tiny put out that works for connected realms only. So it might be slow to catch on.

Ok, so blizzard disabled the ability oqueue had for getting its list/mesh around. So any chance it could be modified and changed to become a custom interface for the new blizzard group finder... which is complete crap by comparison. Not sure what extra could be done on top of what blizzard has. perhaps a better search since blizzards isnt really spot on. a larger window for the list would be nice.Perhaps a way to get all current raids and so on listed from blizzard so more fine tuned filtering could be done in the addon...

*shrug* just a suggestion.

If you "read the posts above you" like Warlockjen's smart-ass answers you will realize that each answer has just a tiny part of the puzzle. Now there is enough info given by several people to realize that it's not just the greyed-out mesh button. What would have been handy would be a note on the main OQ page saying that other than those on your realm or connected realms v2.1.1 DOES NOT WORK, or "OQ won't work with the new patch (yet)." How hard would that have been instead of having to go into the forums and search for that answer by putting together several posts to draw that conclusion or having smart asses like Warlockjen attacking peoples' reading comprehension skills?

We usually post a new thread with every new major revision update.Looks like we may have not posted one for 2.1.1.

The bottom line for 2.1.1 is that oQueue will now only shows groups which were created on your realm, or created on a realm connected to your realm.

There is no longer "cross realm support" but merely, "connected realms" support. Because there is no cross realm support, the "find premades" button has been disabled.

Users will likely see a decreased number of groups. As the find premades button also would adjust a users time zone, they must now also manually adjust their time zone and clock settings if they are not set correctly.

The '/oq tz 0' command will set a users time zone setting to '0' the default value.

When Tiny already said the mesh button doesn't work we don't need a million other posts (especially on the same thread) asking where it is. People need to read. If you can't read then perhaps people should go back to school to get an education.

this will be less of an issue with oQueue 3.0.0



I'm playing on Russian servers and oQueue list not working.

In config file parametr - Set portal "EU" but script print(GetCVar("realmList")) return - nil value.

Looks like wrong work with russian realmlist maybe?

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