hi, before the uppdate 2.0.3 you could see what gear you had, gems, enchants, ilvl of the gear etc without holding over the item, you could also see others gear and ilvl without holding over the item, but now with the new uppdate, it is removed, why?, i'd like it back as it was a great way to see what gear you had and needed without looking on every singel piece

in preparation for WOD, we've moved that feature into it's own addon, oGear

you can find oGear here on solidice as well as icebox.

Could you also remove the ability to see the raids with a ilvl requirement too high for me but that have one lower ilvl than me in it.

Because anyway i can't do anything about that.

example :

raid req is 560.

I'm 552

The raid has a player 550

So the raid appears on oqueue list but can't join anyway.

Fix this please

you are able to wait list for such a group. the lower ilevel is shown as they are carrying someone.

if you want to tailor what you see, you can click the spyglass and specify the minimum ilevel to be shown.


soo normal w/ minimum ilevel of 535: soo & norm & i535

it is shown into 'qualified list' but i actually can't wait list for it.

what response do you get when you click the button?

wait list request is not accepted.

Not qualified.

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