OQ Still updating

Why is OQ still being updated if its no longer working? Is there something in the works to get it going again? I hope so because blizzards attempt at making the group finder is terrible just like their attempt to do voice chat. At peak time there is like 10 groups for RBGs. That's a far cry from the 50+, & they are so bad at listing things like what they are looking for comps & many other things. We all know blizzard wanted this addon dead so people would PAY for transfers to more populated realms. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. I say to blizzard.....BRING OQ BACK OR RIOT!!!!!!!

oQueue was meant to be replaced by the group finder (GF)... that was the point decided by blizz 2 weeks before blizzcon 2013.

a few weeks ago they released the GF with 6.0.2, disabling the ability to make any mesh networks.

a week after the GF was released, people realized how weak the GF UI was and started complaining. A blue on the forums suggested the addon dev community could make a new UI for it to compensate (that took bawls). a few days later, i revamped oQueue to work with the new GF feed.

oQueue 3.0 integrates with the GF feed and allows for wait listing, sorting, and filtering. additionally, group leads get more information about those wait listing then the simple GF. control-clicking groups or people on the wait list will also give their armory link for easy lookup.

TLDR: oQueue will now show you the same groups that are shown in the group finder. If no groups show in the group finder, no groups will show in oQueue either. The updates that have been made recently to oQueue have been to fix any quirks with showing the group finder groups through the oQueue UI, or to make other changes.

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