oQueue FAQ

Filtering Voice:
-Right click a voice option to hide groups with those that kind of voice chat.
**Don't want to see skype? Then right click skype to grey it out.
**The above applies to language settings as well.

Full groups:
-Check the "Qualified" check box to hide groups with a full waitlist.
**we cant hide "full groups" because for each kind of premade type, there is a different concept for full group. Some types might not even have a full concept.

List jumping around:
-Use filters to reduce the # of groups you see at any one time.
-Hold the shift key to pause the list from moving.

Reporting a player:
-On the premade tab, right click a users colored square or portrait to bring up their options. There you will have a ban option.
-You can also access a full list of people who come / go from your group via the "book icon" on the upper left of the addon. Right click a person name to get the same sub menu popup.

Ban list:
-Add a user to your ban list to prevent them from joining your groups, and to prevent you from seeing their groups on the find premade tab.

Grey wait list buttons:
-The group is in a instance, battleground, arena etc.
**You cant wait list for these groups until they leave the instance. We don't want people trying to DDOS a RBG or Arena leader with wait list request while they are in battle.

Leave a waitlist (de-waitlisting):
-Left click the red x next to a waitlist button to "de-waitlist".
--Left click (de-waitlist)
--Right click (add premade leader to ban list)

No pending friend requests:
-oQueue uses friend requests and whispers to transmit data, these requests and whispers are auto processed, and accepted or denied by oQueue depending on what their note says. When using oQueue, ignore messages that say you have a new friend request.
-These notifications can be disabled in your WoW social settings.

Button does not change to pending:
-oQueue uses friend requests and whispers to transmit data, to tranmist this information oQueue must use Battle.net. Battle.net does not always work. If the message does not make it to its destination, there is no way for oQueue to know this. When you invite someone to a group, or waitlist for a group, and nothing happens, it may be that the message was lost while being transmitted over Battle.net.

Battletag missing or invalid:
-oQueue uses friend requests and whispers to transmit data, in order to transmit this data over Battle.net, you must have a battle tag.
-If you do not have a Battletag, read about it here: http://us.battle.net/en/battletag/
-If you do have a Battletag, oQueue was not able to retrieve your Battletag from Battle.net, log out of WoW and log back in. Battle.net frequently crashes, resulting in interruptions with oQueue communications.

Not qualified:
-Group leaders are able to specify ilvl, class, role, and other requirements for group members. If you do not meet these requirements you will not be allowed on the waitlist for their group.
-If the group is a raid group, and your lockout conflicts with the lockout of the group, you will not be allowed on the waitlist for the group.

-Karma is a system which allows for users to upvote and downvote eachother.
-There is a maximum level of 25 and -25.
-As you gain karma your name will glow green.
-As you lose karma your name will glow red.
-Each day you lose 1 karma point toward 0.
-Your karma will not "degrade" lower, or higher than 0.
-Right click a user on the premade tab to open the karma menu.
-Click the book icon on the top left corner of the addon to open the log, this log shows who has entered and left your group. Right click a character name to open the same karma menu.

The score tab:
-The score is a competition between the alliance and horde
-Points are awarded for pvp wins, and raid bosses killed, and contracts claimed
-There are no prizes, this is just for fun

-Contracts are PVE rares, and faction npcs which can be killed.
-When claiming, or killing a contract target, your faction is awarded points, aka crowns towards "the score".

DO: Post questions here, and I will add the answers to the FAQ list.
DO NOT: Post bug reports, error messages, or other grievances. Create a new topic for your issue / complaint. Posts of this kind will be deleted from this thread.

1. Could you add info for key simbolic in search box? (e.g. !; |; *; and so on, those is just what I seen)
2. Could you add info about dkp points? How it work and how it earn, and what reward for them.
3. Also, I saw image of 'Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent' in 'info box' about raid leader progress\dkp point. Is there any more image like this and I logicaly tho its owner of this serpent? =)
Hi, also could you explain how the symbol system works? i.e the sword that pops up next to a low number of OQ postings(assuming it's based on user ratings or something). I only ask because I got the sword icon next to my name one day, and the next day it was gone.
What is the "SoO10 (13/14)" in the notes area? Is that their experience or is that the point the raid is at?

Would be nice if we could maybe have 2 or more choices in the premade type window. For example, instead of just having Raids, how about Raid (10), Raid (25), Raid (40). You could go a step further (and much needed) and put in Raid (Flex), Raid (N), Raid (H). Its really a pain to sort thru the flex and normal raids sometimes when they are all mashed together.

Great Addon, thanks.
SoO10 (13/14) means

Siege of Orgrimmar . 10 man . the color would indicate difficulty; green == normal, red == heroic . on the 13th boss
btw, you can use the spyglass filter to show only flex or non-flex pretty easily.
just type:

soo & flex


soo & !flex

this is covered under the hints provided by the snowman (click the yellow '( i )' button in the upper left)
thanks! I did not know about the | and !
What do tears mean that show up when mouse over the -- ?

when you're in a regular barttleground, tears are generated by the opposite faction leaving the battlegrounds early.

these are the silent tears of rage (you'll also hear 'run away little girl, run away')
Silly question I guess, but how do I install the add-on?

Edit: Or well, do I just copy/paste the oQueue folder in the add-ons folder?

Edit: Okay so the copy/paste worked :P
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