We'll be adjusting site forums...

The last couple of weeks have been fun as we've launched the new site for solidce. the overall concensus from users has been positive and the comments have been great. please keep them coming.

One of the directions we do want to take is for forums to be attached to the subject matter. As such, we're going to create a forum for each addon and attach it to the addon page towards the bottom. this would be similar to a comment section. the main forum link at the top would be for game specific and overall community topics. If the number of threads per day get to be too much, the forum will split... but not before then. My goal is to help the community grow and thrive. To do this with forums, we must not smoother it with too much organization at the start. cross chatter is key to getting a healthy forums going. once there is enough distinct types of chatter, we can slowly splinter them off into their own section. I don't expect to have too many sub forums, but we'll see. The whole process is an organically grown community push in the direction that works best for all of us.

In the spirit of a welcoming community where people can feel relaxed and free to discuss their topics, no trolling will be permitted. it's just not enjoyable and less then 5% of the internet user community trolls ... but they ruin it for the rest. this stifles communications and won't be tolerated. additionally, these forums should be good for kids as well as adults. this means we'll be enforcing a PG-13 level of interaction. why? well for one, it's more inclusive and secondly, i'd like my nephew to come to the site without my sister screaming at me. :)

If you have any suggestions, please let me know and we'll see what we come up with.

great stuff :D
You are vulnerable to heartbleed fyi... fix your openssl and reissue your key and certs.
why are posts at https://solidice.com/addons/wow/oqueue separated from forums?
our intention is to have a main forum for general talk and a separate forum for each addon for addon specific topics.

we've wrestled with the notion of a typical forum layout (user would be required to select from a list of forums, ie: general, off topic, etc) but i'm tryinng to avoid too much structure until we get enough chatter.

we are planning a re-vamp shortly and will expand the offerings. i would like to see multiple games supported but i'm unsure how to resolve multiple game types under one section. i've considered a user-selected game logo next to each post in the main forum area as i think having separate areas for each game, and hiding the other forums, is too much separation. not sure.

our goal is to increase the community atmosphere and provide a resource that helps gamers.
have posts at separate addons and whatever pages you will add, but summ everything up on dediated page, with a tag next to post (sort of like you have on "Recent Forum Replies" sidebox +where it came from).
can also add tag cloud on side for fast access to these "sub" forums.
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