oAuth Integration

We have updated most of the / WoW Armory related features here on SolidICE to use the new oAuth API.

The new oAuth API enables us to offer features such as "Login with", and syncing your WoW profiles / importing your characters all in the press of a single button.

An important point to note when using the oAuth API features here on SolidICE is that you will often be redirected to the secure sites and prompted to provide your email and password. SolidICE will NEVER see or have access to your email or password, and that information stays safe and sound on the servers.

If you are a new user, you can now register here on SolidICE using your existing account. Merely press the "Login with" button on the login page and you will be redirect to Once you provide your credentials to you will be redirected back to a secure page on SolidICE and asked to choose a username. Once you choose a username you are all set to start participating!

If you already have a SolidICE account, you can link your and SolidICE accounts by navigating to your profile page and using the new "" menu item on the left side navigation. Once there you can use the "Link Account" button on the right, which will redirect you to a secure login page.

Once you have linked your SolidICE account to your account, you now have the option to login to SolidICE using your account, and the "Login with" button on the login page.

If at anytime you wish to unlink your and SolidICE accounts, you can use the "Unlink Account" button on your page in your profile.

As well as being able to login with, you can now import and update all your WoW characters using the "Sync Characters" button on the page of your profile.

Please feel free to reply here or message me should you have any comments, questions, or concerns!

I love this.

Makes it much easier to add in all my alts. :)

Thank you

Hi Ferfire,

I am happy that you are enjoying it :).

Indeed it does make it much easier to import all your characters now! I never knew I had over 90 characters before we implemented this feature. I couldn't imagine having to import them all one by one xD lol.

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