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Hey Tiny, we chatted on the phone tonight and I started researching your site a bit more. I haven't found a place where we manage our addon on SolidICE. Can you point me to the place where we'd upload and manage the addon files?

Thanks again for chatting :)


Hi Zoopercat.

The portion of the site which will allow for authors to claim their addons, manage, update and perform other functions, is still being developed. I apologize as I do not currently have a hard date, or estimate on when this will be available. However I can assure you that this is one of our top priorities moving forward.

Hi Zoopercat,

it was very nice chatting with you tonight. we're pushing to get more going for the site and icebox.

if you have any suggestions for features you'd find really useful, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Have a great night,


Thanks for keeping me updated! We definitely want to only have our addon on sites that let us manage the files, which allows us to make sure the latest file is always available (and virus free).

Often times our addon updates coincide with a site update and if a user has an outdated addon, they can't import their character info onto our site. We even switched to using the Curse repository feature which releases our addon immediately (instead of waiting a couple hours for their approval). We have over 1 million users, so even a 2 hour delay creates a ton of customer service (hundreds of emails, forum posts and tweets). And with me being the only person to handle customers, our customer service degrades... especially while I'm asleep and international people are using the site. Customer service is incredibly important to us.

I see you took the addon off you site, thank you for the very fast turnaround. How will you make sure it doesn't get re-added if you do future scrapes of other addon sites? I don't want to have to chase it down every time (again, I'm the only customer service / community outreach person).

Hi again Zooper.

While I can not go into particular details about how we are proceeding with processing addons moving forward, I can assure you that the appropriate measures are being taken to avoid any further incidents, and respecting the wishes of addon authors and representatives.

I hope this has addressed your concerns, but if not please do let me know and I will try to elaborate as much as possible.

Also, thank you for your understanding and patience :).

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