why i didn't earn dkp's in Oqueue

well, since a week ago, i download the last version of oqueue, but i had a problem, no earn dkp in any mode. help pls

Were you the one that made the actual oQueue group?

DKPs are not awarded in a few cases:

- oQueue addon is not loaded (d'oh)

- while levelling - a while ago it was possible to earn DKPs while running random dungeons while levelling... this is no longer the case these days.

- also sometimes i noticed that (at level 90) you need to open the oQueue interface (and then close it) at least once after login before this one starts recording boss kills, awarding DKPs for them and noticing you of this via chat messages... this might be a bug or not.. not sure yet what's going on... maybe it remembers that i used the "/oq off" command on a different toon and it saves the OFF state across toons

it doesnt work, ill try all the think, but still no winning dkp's

Currently DKPs are not awarded if the WoW language is set to anything except English — the locale file must contain the exact translation of the raid name like “Siege of Orgrimmar”, and there are no such translations in any locale files distributed with oQueue. (At least Russian definitely does not work without those translations.)

set my lenguaje on english, but. still no winning dkps

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