What parts of oQueue have you liked the most?

With the upcoming 6.0 release, we've been told oQueue will cease to function. As such, i've already moved the gear information into its own addon (oGear).

What other features / capabilities would you like to see rescued from the main addon?

the amazing list of groups and the ability to wait list for them :) that would be swell.

but seriously, the timers for queing people into BGs. like for rath strats and IoCs

the timers for queing people into BGs.

Won't be much help in WoD. As far as we can tell, if you drop a queue you will get a debuff preventing you from queing again for a period of time. AKA, no more premades in WoD :(

wow, i thought that was only for RBGs and arena

I'm not sure if thats actually confirmed or not though. I just tried to get the debuff to proc solo queing and it didn't. It might only happen when your in a group. I'm going to try and do more testing to findout.

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