What is Karma?

I keep getting Karma then lose Karma. I'm interested in what karma is and even more interested in having lots of Karma, if there is something i'm doing to lose it i would definately be willing to stop. I have never heard an explanation of this, can you please clarify for me and others out there (maybe it will help raise others Karma if they read it) thanks.
Karma is a system of points players can accumulate and lose. The may you can have is 25, the lowest you can have is -25. When you gain karma your name will become increasing shades of green to show you are a good player, when you lose karma it will become increasing shades of red to show you are a un desireable player.

Players can award other players karma by right clicking a players name in their oQueue group and using the up and down karma arrows. You can only award a player karma once person 24 hours I believe.

Every  24 hours you will degrade 1 karma point. If you have 5 karma points today, tommorow you will have 4. If you have -5 karma today, tommorow you will have -4. Once you reach 0 your points wll remain at 0 until somone gives you + or - karma. 
wierdd i was wondering what that was too and why i was losing karma. so u can lose Karma too even if u mistakenly clicked on a grooup u didnt want to join? i was trying to join up a celestial group and alway ended up qued for a flex. the damn ques kept moving around so much u cant click on the ones u want.
You can lose karma for any reason. Its up to the other people in the group to give you +/- karma for any reason they see fit. 

If you are running the newest version you can hold shift and it will pause the list. 
I agree with the idea of Karma, but the implementation is poor at best IMO. Why not have a karma tab, googled Oqueue karma a few different ways trying to find out how to check mine to no avail.

Didn't know it existed until I logged in and found out I lost 5. Maybe I really suck and I'm clueless, but allowing people to give you a bad mark without explaining why they gave you one isn't really that helpful. Same thing as a good mark, could just group with friends/guildies and all give each other good karma. 

After a bit of research I probably got bad karma for clicking to join multiple celetial groups and then joining the first to respond. I allow a good 30 - 60 seconds before I click the next one, why can't I leave bad karma for being slow to invite? How do I check the karma of the person who created the group? 

Implementation seems poor.

you realize i don't control the servers, right?  karma information is stored by the scorekeeper, which has had many problems over the last month due to bnet issues. 

btw, if you hadn't logged in for 5 days, when you do finally log back in, your karma will normally degrade by 5 pts.

and yes, anyone can give you a positive or negative karma point for any reason.  just like a thumbs up/down on the forums.  it just happens and you generally have no idea why.

in general, most people have neutral karma, or 0.  karma points are usually only handed out to group leaders or the rage toolbags in a group
The karma system is pretty flawed. I had just done my 2nd Ordos group & was a team player. I changed specs for the group's needs. I lost karma after that and I do not know why. The daily 1-karma-loss is very plausible. But I had just done my second Ordos group - I had to leave the first one because I wasn't ready for the pull. The second group I had just changed specs to meet the needs of the group. So I really don't know whether my karma loss was the daily degredation, for leaving the first group, or from the 2nd group (maybe someone misclicked or was being an idiot - idk).
I think the system works pretty well. I've met a lot of good ppl since I started using Oqueue. Actually, u can usually tell if someone is a tool just from looking at their premade title/notes.

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