Vent Ban out the blue?

So i was on vent waiting for my buddy to get on wow while talking to a friend who was waiting also. I was alt tab playing another game and out the blue i heard someone say hey can u hold on a sec ima get you ban wait here. Im like o.O looking thru TS/Raidcall n vent. Next thing I know i notice i was moved in vent n ask wait what is going on---- BAM ban? Is there something i did wrong? i didn't get a warning or anything? I was in room 2? About to make a RBGs.

I'm not entirely sure why you were banned because I wasn't there, but the person that reported you also reported Rathamus as a troll. It's possible they just wanted that room, you were non-responsive, and they misused the report feature in order to get you out of that room. I know you've been in vent for a while and I'm sorry you were banned by mistake.

I've gone ahead and lifted it. You should be able to log in.

In the future, though, direct your public vent questions to . :)

thanks man

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