The winner for our first hardware is ... dioltas !

Congratulation dioltas on winning our first hardware raffle!

You may choose one of the following:

Please log in and check your private messages for instructions on how to claim your prize!

You should have also received an email containing the same information.

Yay grats!

Congrats!! (even though I'm secretly glaring at you!)

(even though I'm secretly glaring at you!)

I think we all are ^.^

me too.. i had that mouse in my crosshairs :(...

When are we going to get more raffles, gash, id like to get some cheap useless trash! It doesent even have to be good.

TBH I think they should be spread out more, where there is always 1 going. If part of the point is to bring traffic to the site then having 1 raffle up all the time might help with that.

Yup we certainly need to get another one rolling :).

Just need to check with Tiny and see what he wants to run. Hopefully can get one rolling today.

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