steven#12475 aka Mattlawllz cheats the system

joined this guy to do flex 4 garry kill and he has us clear all the trash to garry, then tells you got 2 mins to pull or he will and if you wipe he mass kicks everyone and find replacements... the guy is in like 387 gear mostly and wants to be carried for free... after i was kick he was advertising in trade chat for flex 4 carries for like 2k but does the same thing he did to me... he has done it to multiple people on multiple servers and they are just as mad as i

Hi Thunderpanda,

The best way to leave feedback about a player or raid leader is to use our Karma system.

To post karma or feedback about a WoW player, all you do is go to and search for the players name.

If we have the player in our database you can select them and you will be brought to their character profile page. On this page you can click "Leave Feedback", then create a new post about that player.

If we don't know about the player, when you search for them you will be shown a form to add that player to our database.

We also suggest providing screenshots about the incident if possible.

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