Selling boost throw Oqeue


I saw this person use Oqeue to sell boost on EU Wow

I saw some guys selling carrying for CM mode too, but it's legal? I mean, what you can do or not with oQ? Please someone clarify this to me

I think Blizzard might have opposition to it, but we can't really do anything about it.

Send some SS to Blizz if you think they'd be able to take action.

If it is selling for RL money then I am pretty sure it is against ToS. I don't think selling for WoW gold is though. I know plenty of people sell CM and SoO runs for gold.

Edit: If the OP was referring to character boosts and it was for gold that is just like purchasing gold, which IS against the ToS.

Just think.... boost costs real money, real money is used to buy gold... against ToS!

either way, this is a blizz problem for them to sort out.

expect them to be as effective with this as they are when dealing with battleground bots

Yes because i saw him spam in in general chat in Draenor.

Fast and Cheap is terms real money

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