Role queuing

Im a Brewmaster tank. When I apply to do raids it ONLY lets me apply for DPS. WHY?

i was unaware of that.

i'm made a tweak that should specify brewmaster monks as tanks. please update to 3.0.7c

Hey man, that didnt fix it. It appears to be a conflict between dual specs. After I removed windwalker as my 2nd spec it was fixed.

really? hmmm

i had seen that brewmaster monks were listed as MDPS (melee dps) in the table, so i switched it to tank. that should have solved it. (i don't have any monks to test... will need to find someone). looking at the code, it should be right unless something screw is coming back from GetSpecializationInfo (a blizz call).

i'll check it and get back to you.

just verified w/ a windwalker / brewmaster monk and it seems to be working. please make sure to update to 3.07c (check the top). also, please make sure to activate brewmaster when you queue... oQueue looks at your current spec

you can also type '/oq stats' then scroll up to find the 'my_role' field. it should say 'TANK' for brewmaster and 'DAMAGER' for mistweaver

let me know if that works

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