Raid section too big


Can I just make a suggestion about the raid section of OQ?
In fact, I find it is too big. Since normal and heroic instances are open for interserver-groups, the section "raids" on OQ has become too important. 

Would it be possible to split up this section in a dynamic - raid and a normal and heroic raid section?

That would be great!
You can filter the results so they are more relevant to what you're looking for by typing a word into the search box.  Clicking the "qualified" check box will also help cut down on the groups.  I also suggest you read the hints in oQueue so you can learn to cater the search even more to what you are looking for.

I know that we can make some searches inside this big raid section by the search tool - but no look up for more than one key word. 
If you are looking for a flex raid and healing slot you can choose one of the two keywords but not both at the same time.

This is why a separation of the different raid modes would be great.
use logical expressions:

you want to see all normal and heroic soo raids?
soo & !flex

looking for ordos or celestials?
ordos | cele

want rbgs but don't want to see the yolos?
*select rated bgs from pull down*

etc etc
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