Profile suggestion: Experience/skill of player

I've been playing an alt lately and have been using OQ to hop into flexes to gear up. I'm 12/14H on my main so I know the ins and outs of mechanics, but I find myself being booted simply for low gear in preference with someone a few ilvls higher. Knowing mechanics seems to be just as important, if not more so, than a few ilvls - it would be nice if there was an option to enable that used alt scanning or alt linking to add another few lines at the bottom of the profile, beneath DKP (since DKP is fairly generic).

Something like...

Player raid experience: #/# (H/N) (displays current raid progress of most experienced character on the account)

Player RBG experience: #### (displays highest RBG rating on account)

Player arena experience: #### (displays highest arena rating on account)

That way raid leaders could quickly see at a glance if the PLAYER has experience - wouldn't you rather snag someone with a bit less gear if they had insanely awesome RBG rating or had downed heroic Garrosh? I sure would!

+1 on this

+1 on this
But may I also add that #### (prefers a certain type of gear)

definitely +1

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