Premades are not appearing

I have the latest version of the addon, my internet is normal the premades not appear, already used clear filter, re-installed the addon, open and closed wow and nothing, how to proceed?(srry for my bad english)

In the bottom right hand corner you will see "Connection: number - number".

What is your connection?

Also, try pressing the "Find Mesh" button a few times, and check that auto join oQueue channel, is checked on the setup tab.

connection is like 0-1

sorry for the incovenience,now its working,i loke this addon,and i "send beer" everytime i can

Awesome, I am happy you were able to get it to work!

You want to keep your connection at 10 - 10 or better, so make sure to hit the find mesh button if no groups are showing.

i "send beer" everytime i can

Thank you, we appreciate it very much!

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