Premade problems...

Hello, I have an issue where /reloading my UI in game also removes my premades from the Premades selection, and also wipes my record for the "session".

Also, I liked the old solution of BG premade'ing better where I could moniter both parties and communicate with both leaders in /chat rather than just voice programs.

The new timer's are buggy, and a lot of the time do not even show, making lining 2 que times up very difficult. Was there some problem with the old timers?

Lag spikes/fps drops are apparent when using OQ since the 5.4.8 wow patch, when specifically using AMD radeon crossfire systems. Not really OQ's fault, as its a change with the "services" that Crossfire uses in the backround, that the latest wow patch disables... Still, the problem isnt as noticeable when not running OQ.

Problems with the "Angry Red Button". It has been attacking me when queing for arenas, even if im not party leader some hours after using OQ for premades.

Also, the number of Shaman using this addon is still too low for my liking, as my suggested changes for Shaman-finding were never implemented.

Hope this helps bugfixes/updates. (especially the shaman part)

bump -.-
Still seeking help.
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