OQueue doesnt work for some of my realms

OQueue was working fine till last thursday . and booom it doesnt work for my characters in Sunstrider and Kazzak , but working fine in Twisting Nether .. EU realms ..

when i log at any of my characters on Sunstrider or Kazzak the minimap icon doesnt show up . so i wrote /oq and it did show up but all the tabs are blank and the version is vx.xx

i have tried :

redownload OQueue .(didnt work)

displaying all the addons except Oqueue . (didnt work)

reinstall the game .(didnt work)

and when i try (/script print(GetCVar("realmList"))) .. it says us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com . which is weird

.. and the Lua Error I get when i write /oq is :

Message: Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:23905: attempt to concatenate a nil value
Time: 10/09/14 16:20:42
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:23905: in function `load_toon_info'
Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:25115: in function `on_init'
Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:23948: in function `init_if_good_region'
Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:25570: in function `ui_toggle'
Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:277: in function `?'
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4315: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText'
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3969: in function `ChatEdit_SendText'
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4008: in function `ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed'
[string "*:OnEnterPressed"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEnterPressed"]:1>

Locals: (*temporary) = defined =[C]:-1
(*temporary) = "Mysteriouss"
(*temporary) = "-"
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "attempt to concatenate a nil value"
oq = {
hint_next = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:16616
update_scores = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:21023
add_voip_subselection = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:14377
route_to_boss = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:23105
queue_popped = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:23719
onShow_tab1 = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:13989
remove_btag_from_meshcache = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:11182
calc_pkt_stats = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:4355
set_deserter = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:20697
decode_hp = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:21530
player_new_level = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:24779
get_scanning_tooltip = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:11860
get_bg_experience = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue_premade_info.lua:362
set_group_lead = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:10989
clear_report_attempts = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:25256
get_spell_crit = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:3152
create_tab_banlist = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:15457
pass_preference_filter = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:12577
space_it = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:6110
raid_announce_relay = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:7256
pm_tooltip_set = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue_tooltips.lua:853
first_open_seat = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:24014
make_dropdown_premade_subtype_selector = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:14280
trim_oldies = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:18884
send_to_scorekeeper = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:4986
create_scenario_group = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:9875
announce_raid_leader = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:18286
start_ready_check = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:19841
cell_occupied = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:9458
player_died = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:24761
get_premade_type_desc = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:14579
toggle_threat_level = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:549
show_btags = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:6899
on_mesh_tag = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:11233
on_group_roster_update = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:24607
toggle_auto_role = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:24248
bg_name = defined @Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue.lua:8333
on_proxy_target = defined @Interface\AddOns

so plz help me with that ,, OQueue is an awsome addon and i feel empty without it :D

even with the new update for 6.0 still not working

please any ideas ?

If your playing on EU realms you need to change the realmlist setting in your realmlist.wtf file of your WoW install to say "eu" instead of "us".

Those realms do not have US counterparts so when you log into EU and it tries to pull their information using the US realmlist it errors out.

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