OQueue waitlist wont work


So currently I am having an issue with OQueue. I used this addon years ago when I played more often but am now returning to WoW hoping to get more serious about it. I never had this issue when I played in the past but after redownloading this addon I can no longer get on the waitlist to raids. I remember that if I clicked on the button there would be a sound and a friend request from addon system or something but now it wont do anything.

Ive read that this is currently a problem with Blizzards authentication/bnet service or something but I still see alot of other people using this addon without any problems. It also doesnt seem like my friends list is broken.

I would really like to start reusing this awesome addon so hopefully there is a fix out there.


Hey shivant,

oQueue has changed alot in the last couple months. With path 6.0.2, the ability for oQueue to maintain its own mesh network and facilitate group invitations was removed as Blizzard has removed some core functionalities in the addon API.

oQueue now uses the addon API to interface with the built in group finder so that the groups you see in oQueue, are the same groups you will see in the group finder.

You will no longer see any indication of friend request activity when waitlisting for a group, as that process no long occurs, but the row should turn green, and the text on the button should change.

Please make sure you are running latest version of oQueue? (3.0.7a)

I hope this may have cleared up any confusion, but if the problem persists please let me know and we can troubleshoot further.

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