oQueue v3.0.5 dont show anything


my oQueue isnt show me Premades. The GMT from the addon is 1hr earlyer than my but if i rightclick oQ and check meshtime it says "local time varies from scorekeeper by: 00:00 seconds"

Windows clock was fixed before and after the try.

if i type "/script print(GetCVar("realmList"))" is only says "nil"

Help =(

Same problem here

if i type "/script print(GetCVar("realmList"))" is only says "nil"

Oqueue doesnt find any raid or premate. I am stuck on my server.

please update to 3.0.6 and click through the various premade types.

the group finder only shows groups from a small subset of the realms. this significantly cuts the number of groups you'll see (go to the blizz forums to demand they open it to all realms without limits on the number of groups returned)

same problem for me, oqueue 3.0.7

no premades, script says Nil

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