oQueue not finding groups for both factions.

This is a bit of a strange problem I have. My main toons are all Alliance on Ravencrest EU. I have an alt horde hunter that is also on the same realm. The addon is working perfectly well for my Alliance toons but I dont get a single thing on the Horde side. It shows me how many people are using it on Horde side on the realm & I spam the find mesh option but it brings nothing back. :(

Any suggestions as to why this is happening or how to counter it?

Edit: I just logged in to Alliance, logged out again and went on Horde. As soon as I log on Horde the groups start comming through even though I didnt hit the find option. As soon as they apear, they are gone again and Im back to square one!
When groups rapidly appear and disappear it usually means your system time is off. Your system time is the clock on your computer.

oQueue tries to work with it when you press the find mesh button, but if it is seriously messed up, oQueue may not be able to handle it.

Take a look at your daylight savings time, time zone, and other time settings in windows to see if they are set properly. 
Thanks for the feedback Ron but the clock settings are fine. I have had messages from oQueue previously about system time but when I check the time it has always been fine. The time zone matches with that of the game time zone and is set to daylight savings.
/oq now
it will print the current UTC time.  is it correct?
The time is exactly 1 hour behind my system time and game time. Not sure if this is linked but whenever I go into another zone such as a bg/instance, all the premades vanish and take about 8 mins to start showing up again.
when you enter an instance, oQueue will disconnect from oqgeneral in your realm.  this is to reduce any impact from the mesh while you're doin instanced content.  if you don't have any b.net connections, your premades will start to go 'stale' and will disappear within 2.5 min

if they disappear while in a main city, then the issue is your time.  

typing '/oq now' to show UTC is meant for you to verify it with the actual UTC at that moment.  if it doesn't match, then your time is off somehow.  hitting 'find-mesh' will usually help.  so might '/oq stats' as both will re-sync oQueue's time with the scorekeeper 
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