oQueue list updating is retarded

I just have to say, oQueue is almost un-usable, due to the simple fact that whenever you are trying to mouse-over groups to see the details etc. you instantly have the details tab removed because new groups/updates to the list are constantly happening, and so everything is constantly swapping places.

You really need to fix this, either make it so you can fixate on a group and the details tab wont dissapear just because the list is rearranged while you are still having your mouse over it, or simply add a delay to the sorting of like 10 seconds so it doesnt fuck with people constantly

Otherwise its a great program, aside from the annoying random people it adds on your friendslist and dont remove again


You can press the shift button to make the list stop, or you can press the "paused" button at the top of your oQueue.

Picture for reference: http://i57.tinypic.com/2j2tgrk.png

Also, for the future, you can find all types of handy hints by pressing the yellow "i" button on the top left of your oQueue screen, or you can go here http://solidice.com/forums/12/topic/faq :)

Awsome, thankyou, i guess ive been so heavily trained over the years in ignoring the instruction manuals, that i completely went full retard in making this post when i should have just looked for the manual. '

Sorry, and thanks again

trained over the years in ignoring the instruction manuals

Man thing *cough*

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