Oqueue left my LFR!

I had wait-listed for some flex raids with oqueue, and also queued for some LFRs.  The LFR queue popped and I joined it.  During Galakras trash, I got an invite via oqueue and I clicked to decline it because I was in LFR, then checked oqueue's list of raids to try to un-wait-list for the 2 flexes I had wait-listed for, but there were no premades in the premade viewer (odd, since there were about 100 just 10 minutes earlier).

We killed Galakras in the LFR and then I was waiting in front of Iron Juggernaut.  I saw some spam in my chat saying "You are not in a raid group." repeatedly, which I figured was being caused by oqueue, so I checked oqueue.  Apparently I had automatically accepted that invitation I declined earlier (knew because the first oqueue tab was populated with about 10 people of various classes, and LFR had 25 people).  I decided I did not want to leave the LFR to join that flex, so I clicked "leave premade group", figuring oqueue would just basically inform the group leader that I did not want to be in his flex oqueue premade.  Instead of just doing that, it left my LFR!

Some parts of this seem to me to be buggy behavior.  If I am inside an LFR instance and someone invites me to an oqueue premade, I should be able to accept or decline, instead of automatically accepting.  Also, if I want to leave an oqueue premade while I'm inside an LFR, clicking "leave premade group" in oqueue should not leave the LFR.
Hi Bujutsu, we have specific forums for addons. Please use those forums for addon related issues. 
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