ITS 100% oqueue. sucks cause its such a good tool. it never used to do this but i left wow for a few months came back and now cant have it installed for to long cause its really annoying lag. only in the main world doesnt lag me out in Arenas or Rbgs or dungeons. lag is still if full form both on my dead server and on my high pop.
to solve the problem, it helps to define it a bit

1. what version of oQueue
2. hit ctrl-R to show your frame rate
3. turn off all addons
4. move your toon to stare at a wall; zoom all the way in
5. what is your fps w/ no addons and zoomed in
6. turn on only oqueue. what is the fps staring at the wall without oQueue open
7. open oQueue. what's the fps
8. go into arena with no addons. what's the fps before it starts
9. turn on oQueue then join arena. what's the fps before it starts?

if you see the scene 'lag' but your fps doesn't drop, that's not your user interface. that's your network being slow.

if you can grab the above info, it'd help hone in on the problem. thanks
Its not ONLY network, you can have micro stuttering if you have multiple gfx cards like most new high perf systems...
actually tiny,
i have encountered "oq lag" as well,
few times, did not dig much into it, cus it happeed in combat everytime, few times in arena few times in rbg:
i just uncheck/reloaded every time. (and lately dont have oq on, after having full group, most of players are on friend list already)

is it possible, that some people found a way to abuse some features of oq to conduct ddos-like evil actions

could investingate more on this if needed.. but idk its not that often, ist more like a rare(very rare) thing to be happening
I too have found that when oqueue is enabled that I get huuuuge framerate spikes. Staring at the wall, not in combat, not even moving and it spikes ever second or so. I usually sit at around 60-70 fps on ultra and when oqueue is enabled it continually plummets to around 3-4 and then right back up, and back down. I have a graph for my fps and it looks like a heartbeat monitor...

I do have quite a few other addons installed, but disably only oqueue fixes the problem

I LOVE the addon. I think it is a stroke of genius. But as it is now, I have to create a waitlist, pick people, fill group, turn off oqueue (removing my waitlist) and play the bg. then later if someone leaves I have to turn oqueue back on and make a new group for it. This can be really time consuming at the 2100 bracket since there are so few players on at that level, which really makes me sad when I have like 7-10 people on my waitlist and have to turn off oqueue so I can participate in the rbg.
this might be related to http://solidice.com/threads/why-does-oqueue-constantly-go-up-to-30mbij
I also have lagg and its confirmed that its oqueue

Staring into a wall WITH oqueue - changes from 50-125 fps
Staring into a wall WITHOUT oqueue - stable 125-132 fps

I have no network problem atm.

My version is 1.95

I have had lag recently as well. Restarting wow seems to take care of it. Unsure if it is OQ or not. It doesn't seem to occur right away, only after playing for some time does it become noticable.
do you have oQueue open (ie: looking at the list) or just loaded and not open?

i have seen my fps drop a few (5+) frames if i have the list open. ofc, this was on my old machine. the new machine doesn't sweat anything i can throw at it (tho vstudio compiles still take time, unlike linux compiles... grrr....)

i've been crawling through the code this morning looking for any memory leaks or performance boosts i can do. i've seen nothing so far.

if anyone has any suggestions, i'm all ears
I have mine loaded and closed - just staring at the wall.

My problem isnt gamebreaking so i can live with it - this addon is the greatest anyway :)

Thanks for the great work on it.

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