oQueue Issues

I'm having two different issues with the latest version of oQueue. The first issue that I am having is that the "OQSK" is not on my friend list. It was there but now it's not and I do not know why. The second issue I'm having is that when I click the "wait list" button, I'm waiting for an invite and instead what happens is that on the bottom left corner of my screen, I see a notification of a pending request. When I open my friend list and click the Pending tab, there is nothing there. It's completely empty. If I exit the game entirely, and I leave my battle.net launcher running, I will start to see the other battle.net players who've added me via oQueue...but nothing in game happens.

I do not understand why this is happening and therefore do not know how to troubleshoot the issue.

i see you also posted this to the wow forums


i responded on that thread

Thank you tiny. I felt discouraged because I was not getting any invites after clicking the "wait list" button. So I thought something was wrong on my end.

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