oqueue inviting bug

help me to solve this problem - when i make premade and ppl start to appear on my wait list i am not able to invite them. I mean i press invite key they show up in a party for 0,001 sec and dissapear - and i see info that they declined my invitation which isnt true (i talked to few of them - they just dont get an invite). I guess solution is simple - but u know what they say - sometimes someone has to point a finger and show... help!
Hi martya. 

We will look into this. 

What version are you running?

The newest one taken from solidice.com - i thought its addons but it's not.

I disabled them all and problem did not dissapear

Pls let me know about Your findings

i am having the same issue i get the auto decline and if i try to join a group it joins then i get kicked out and it says i decline
I've been told dbm's raid module is conflicting for some reason.  try disabling it and see if that helps
I have tried disabling DBM Tiny, but the problem is still there, any updates o fix?  or cause?
in the past, any other addons auto-accepting invites were the issue.  to rule that out, disable all addons except oQueue and try again.  if you get into a group without a problem, one of them is conflicting.  it'd be ncie to know which one(s)
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