oQueue Ettiquete?


I am pretty new to using oQueue but not to raiding. I am finding it really hard to join with ANY raiding groups on oQueue. Any suggestions besides getting my ilvl up high to getting some of these folks to accept my requests? Any help would be appreciated - at this point LFR seems to be WAY more effective.....and I am getting really tired of LFR.


G'afternoon vvazzu

being selected is up to the leader, so it's up to you to make yourself more desirable thereby increasing your odds of being selected from the crowd. how you accomplish this is up to you, but the most common methods would be increasing your ilevel or playing a highly needed class/spec/role.

once oQueue 2 is completed, you'll also have karma associated with your playstyle. better karma can increase the odds of being selected from the pile. when we implement the barrel-of-monkeys, your karma will factor in proving you a 'roll bonus' in some way, thereby improving your odds of being randomly pulled from the barrel.

you might also check out the pwncast lounge on the (oQ)Group Finder page (button above the chat). it's a teamspeak channel we've set up for players to hang out and chat. many times you'll find Belle and the other folks from Pwncast in there chatting with people. they're all about helping players find their way

let me know if that helps.


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