Oqueue caused Account Lock

Hey I should have probably posted this earlier, as this happened on 24/3/14. On the release of Diablo: Reaper of Souls, I tried to log on. It said my account was locked. I then tried logging onto wow and same problem, Locked account. I had received an email explaining my account was locked due to "Abusing Friend invite system". There was no way I had spammed out invites myself, or used addons or done anything related to this. The only explanation was Oqueue, as it was constantly Auto-adding and deleting battletags. I had to ring Blizzard to get my account Unlocked but he said to stop using the addon or else this will happen again. So clearly it was an auto-lock. I really love this addon but sadly I have stopped. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have a link to the picture below if you'd like to see the email they sent me. This is official, no I didn't make this up -.-


Been using the addon for as long as it has been out. Never seen or heard anything like that. Might better rethink your thought process and consider who you may be giving/sharing your account information with!

i've had a scorekeeper running on each region for 2 1/2 years, 24x7. it does nothing but send / receive bnet friend requests to coordinate the mesh. constantly. all day. every day. about 2-10 friend requests sent/second (between 5-15 received/sec)

back in february when blizz was going after the btag gold spammers, the scorekeepers got flagged and locked. i disputed the lock and they were back online within a day.

their detection system has since taken oQueue into account and shouldn't flag anyone.

Ahk, thanks for the reply :) Im gonna start using Oqueue again because I really love it lol! I guess I was just unlucky haha

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