oQueue can't invite

Hello, I've been using oqueue for over 1 month, today I can't invite anyone since everyone instant decline joining group. Few other friends from my guild have this issue, but few dont. Whats going on?


Do you have the latest version? 2.0.1

auto-declines when you invite usually means the target is using elvui or some other addon that interferes with oQueue's invite process.

if they have elvui, they must uncheck the auto-accept option on the general tab

we are talking about 60+ invitations, personally I havent changed anything in my addons etc for like 4 weeks, been using oqueue yesterday and everything was perfect (like always). Today Ive experienced issue with autodeclines (same like few ppl from my guild and few other random ppl from oqueue when I was trying to join them, they messaged me back that for them im autodeclining).

and to Warlockjen-yup, ive 2.0.1 which I was using since it was released.


edit: maybe its something with server maintenance at 22.00-0.00 cest?

and nope, i dont have full frd list, i have only 5 on my list.

any solutions or something or ull keep saying its elvui problem and 100% ppl have elvui on their accounts...or like in other threads which were made ull just ignore it?

The fact that oQueue uses Battle.net makes it very complicated to trouble shoot for us, we are looking into why people are having issues with inviting people to their groups. Some people have indicated that they are not even able to manually invite people to their groups, which would indicate Battle.net problems, but we have no control over that so its hard to say.

If we are able to come up with a solution we will post a thread about it or release an update.

roger that, appreaciate that!

i have another question, after logging in i have this kind of message waiting for me. (look at screenshot im attaching) Even though i have my battletag properly written in oqueue.


this one is weird also (after reinstalling WoW)


When you get that error message, but you do in deed have a valid battle-tag, it normally represents Battle.net problems. We have a lua call we can make to retrieve the battle-tag from Battle.net, but when Battle.net is having hiccups its can fail to return the battle-tag. Which makes it seem like you don't have a battle-tag set. When this happens you normally will notice that you are not connected to Battle.net and all your friends on your friends list will appear offline, unless they are realm friends and not Battle.net friends.

If you log out all the way to the login page and back in your WoW client will request a new Battle.net connection.

ive sent a ticket to Blizzard, in 1st reply they told me few steps to clear addons etc etc and in second message they admit to have server issues:


Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department. I apologize for the wait and that I was not able to contact you online.

If the steps we gave you in the previous response did not help, then it is very likely that your issue with the invitations is due to a server issue that we are having right now.

I looked into this and saw that others are currently experiencing the same thing. Invitations are not something we can actually fix, unfortunately. I recommend giving it a bit of time until the server issues are fixed and then try again without the add ons .

Hopefully, this will not take too long.

If this resolves your issue, please choose "Mark as Resolved" above. If you have additional questions or concerns, you may choose "I Still Have a Problem" to reply to this message.

Thanks for the update exover!

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