oQueue and CM golds


I've been making CM groups on oQueue, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to detect my CMs correctly. I'm 9/9 on two characters, so I should be 18/18 on everyone. However, it'll only show I'm 9/9, and only on the two characters I cleared them with, making grouping impossible on any other character.

Any way to fix this?

the achievements are not additive, i think only the highest one is reported by blizzard's API

Thing is, lots of people have like 25 gold/silver/bronze and such on oQueue.

you can run multiple gold times on one character - look into your statistics tab and you'll see

If this is the case, its pretty much pointless to get oqueu. If it doesnt show u have them on mains then u might as well give up on alts, I thought this was the gd thing about oqueu but I guess not.

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