oQueue 3.0.4 now available

this update fixes a few workability bugs getting it closer to what blizzard expects. if you spot any issues, please let me know.

-- changes --

BUGFIX: EU groups were not visible (thx nuage!)
BUGFIX: search premade-type defaulted to group specified on the create-premade tab
BUGFIX: oQueue whispers to non-oqueue group leaders removed
BUGFIX: now able to set notes on oQueue groups when wait listed
BUGFIX: protected against blizz spamming GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE (was getting 'too many group actions')
UPD: find-premade list will auto-refresh the contents every 45 seconds while open
UPD: auto-refresh timer will refresh to 45 seconds if you select another premade type

not work for me.. Russian WOW Client, Russian Realm... 2.*.* versions was work fine... 3.* not work.. no button "find contacts"... no premades.. no anythink...

since connecting to the blizzard GroupFinder backend, the 'find mesh' button is no longer needed.

please check the top center and make sure you have 3.0.3 installed. then select 'raids' on the find-premade tab. still nothing?

It doesn't work to me either. Spanish realm. It hasn't work since 2.X, now is just empty.

No errors in bug grabber.

please verify the version number at the top center of your oQueue

Im using 3.0.5

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