oQueue 2.0.5 help

The new update for oQueue removed the thing that shows gems and enchants/ ilvl of gear in the character screen? I really liked that part of oQueue. Helped me tell if the people had the right gems or not easily

That functionality was moved to a new addon.


Oh okay, thank you for your help :)

Hii I used Oqueue 2.0.3 And he said You Got an update so
I Used Now 2.0.5 But all the addon in my game is gone -_- it dont works anymore?
How can Resolved that? I want that to know want i like oqueue and need it for raids.
Can anyone Help me?

i am having the same problem ^^

i have solved the problem, when you log on to world of warcraft, on the character selection screen, click on the addons button, then find oqueue and it will say out of date, just click on load out of date addons and problem solved

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