OQ showing no premades

I have updated to v2.0.5, it shows it ingame, I have it set to load out of date addons, but there are 0 premades showing up. Any ideas?

What does your connection say, bottom right

OQ showing me 389-9 conecctions and I dont see any premade :(

Uhhh you got me on that one then rofl.

Guess you have to wait for Tiny or Ron.

I was expecting a 0 in one of those.

Mine showing as 291-0

If your 2nd number is 0 you need to hit "find mesh" and be connected with more friends who are in the OQ mesh. 5 is ok, 10 is ideal. If you do not get more friends by doing that then that is a bnet issue and nothing that OQ can do till bnet clears up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just keep trying the find mesh button.

P.S. I didn't realize the other person posting was not the OP lol.

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