OQ not showing gems/enchants on character page

Not sure if I have a bug, but my gems, enchants and individual gear ilvls on my character page are no longer viewable. Ever since I updated last week, I haven't been able to see those features. I may have also accidentally deleted the file that has them. However, after I updated to 2.0.5 this week, I'm still unable to see them. :( I've already tried uninstalling the addon completely with no change after reinstallation. Any suggestions?


Omg what the heck! Haha thank you!!! :)

Don't worry, there are many threads on it at this point. So you aren't the only confused one :P

why did they do that?!?!? i really liked the idea. please bring it back

oQueue will no longer work come Tuesday michaelkdy.

You can get the gear functionality by using oGear:


Why it would no longer work? So from tomorrow we will go on without using Oqueue?

Blizzard is breaking oQueue so people are forced to use their inferior in-game group finder.

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