oQ for realm jumping?

I just installed oQueue with the intent of using it for achievement hunting. If a relic, rare NPC or other is not on my realm, I wish to join a group from another realm to see if it is available there. However, when I wanted to use oQ I noticed that the groups I could find were very specific for either dungeons, BGs, scenarios and so on and the custom groups were mostly frog or rep hunting on Timeless Isle. I could join a group, check for the item and then leave but I'm sure that behavior would get me banned, so I want to know what the policy is for that kind of use of oQ. Is it acceptable to join and quickly leave a group or is there a way to find like-minded ppl on oQ?

I don't want to condone people joining groups and then immediately leaving them as that really is not productive for the remainder of the group, you might endup with some bad feedback here on the forums, or on the karma system, but you won't get globally banned for it.

The best bet as you mention would be to look for custom groups who are trying to do this. There used to be a good number of these groups in the MISC section of oQueue doing this, now with oQueue working within the limits of the group finder IDK if people will still look to do this or not by listing themselves under custom.

You might be able to create a group, get 4 - 5 people in the group, then pass lead around so you endup shifting realms, but I'm no 100% on the technicalities and if that will work or not.

Hope that helps.


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