OQ Down?

Is it just my Oqueue that is down? It says i have 374 connections but only 10 premades show up.

Any suggestions to get it working?

Edit - All the premades are from my realm

When only premade from your realm are showing that could indicate that you are not connected to battle.net.

First make sure you don't have any filters set, press the clear filters button.

You'll also want to check if your connected to Battle.net. You can check via your friends list. At the top it should list your Battle-tag, if your btag isn't listed then you are not connected to battle.net.

Log all the way out of WoW and back in to get a new bnet connection.

I have done that multiple times. Nothing seems to be wrong with my bnet.

What is your connection? I see you mentioned 374, but it should be 2 numbers. # - #.

Is one of them 0?

Yes one of them is a 0

When you press the find mesh button are you able to add any oQueue enabled friends?


i see your list is 'paused' ... right click the label to unpause

also, please check the setup tab for your oQueue's GMT. then compare that to actual GMT and see if the times are more then 2 minutes apart

my oqueue will physically not work it is installed correctly opens in WoW made sure everything was checked properly in the setup tab logged out of WoW and bnet multiple times even tried clicking on leave group in case it was that but when i go to find premade there is absolutely nothing no groups connections 0 - 0 find mesh does nothing please help.

wowrox11: verify you are in the oqueue chat channel, it should be after other channels such as trade and general

If you are not in those channels you will need to join them in order for the oqueue chat channel to appear and for your oqueue to work

This should get you a # in the first spot (this is how many on your realm are using OQ)

for the 2nd # you need to hit "find mesh" (this is how many bnet friends you have using OQ)

@tiny right-clicking paused doesn't do anything.

And yes my GMT time is 3 min ahead anyway to change that?

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