OQ don't invite

Hello. Have some problem. I have about 4 characters on different realms.3 of them use oq without any troubles. But one (pally) can't join any premaid (very rare it is possible). When some one invite me, I join empty raid and nothing gonna happen. On the screenshot the only addon is OQ.

help please T_T http://imgur.com/mnkeSr6

Well, I will make some assumptions since I can't read what I assume is Russian lol.

I have had it happen to me recently a few days ago where I was becoming friends via bnet with the leader but not actually getting the invite into the party. So in this case I see it looks like you became friends but nothing happened. Not sure what causes this. Just send them a msg to invite you since they will be on your friends list at that point.

^ this.

can that problem may be because of long name? 10+ letters

can that problem may be because of long name? 10+ letters

I don't think so. My btag is 11 characters, plus the # and 4 numbers (16 total it would put it at).

But I have had this happen rarely. In this case it happened twice the other night when trying to get a heroic scenario. Other than that it happened a long time ago I think once. Otherwise fine.

I am sure something causes it but I don't think it has to do with your name.

Just now checked all my character. This problem occur only with one. And with him it happens always. A nearly can join 1 of 10-15 oq raid t.t

Ok well if you are talking actual character names and not bnet names I can tell you mine was only 6 characters. It is something else causing it.

I don't know what, but something else lol.

Are all your characters on the same realm?

I'm sure the question was intended for Flatra but I want to note that I only use OQ on my 11 that are on SH, I don't use it on my other servers.

I would be interested to find out what causes this issue though.

No. Ashenvale, Soulflayer, Gurdunni. But on SF i have 2 good and 1 not :(

I just tried it on that character and the first one didn't go through and the leader did not remain on my friends list like it did the other day.

The 2nd invite from someone else got me into the party just fine.

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