OQ bounties

How do you claim Bounty rewards?

To claim a bounty you merely have to go kill that NPC in the world.

Once you kill the NPC in the world, the bounty will come off of the active bounties list, and your faction will be awarded those points for the bounty on the "Score" tab.

...few month ago i always get Information about the NPC´s, how many points i get and so on.

But now i dont get any Information, the bounty board always still empty! Whats happen?

Ah, btw. i dont get any DKP´s for Leading premades, or joining a grp in oq and kill bosses, few month ago i earn some points but now it seems to be out of work, same problem like the my bounty board i think.

I allready have the newés version -> 2.0.5 ATM -> I delet OQ complett and reinstall it, problem still^^

Pls Help

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