OQ 2.0.3 bug

I just finished downloading 2.0.3 update for OQ and I found someone that should exist but is not existing. I found that with oq it would give me an "advance" look i.e item level gems (I believe) enchants etc. But with 2.0.3 Its not showing up.

it's been removed into its own addon in preparation for WOD

the new addon is called oGear, available under downloads and on icebox

Ah o k thank you

Hi Tiny!! Thank u for a great way to connect with other players to complete events. It really is awesome. Although, I do have an issue with the new release. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to post it, so I will try here. I do not like not being able to see my groups ilevels. I run a normal SoO 10M raid twice a week. One for my super geared druid that is 570+ group & one for my lower ilevel shaman for 545+. I do respect all levels & don't mind a carry once in awhile, if he is a skilled player. I bring them up & cannot see anything about their gear. That's not been good this weekend. People with que with their high ilevel spec, then get into the group & change gear. I don't always know it until another group member catches it, then gets upset for me bringing a "carry" & leaves. Not only that, but it has an ilevel minimum on the creat premade tab. For instance tonight, I entered 551 for my shaman's group. Then my wait-list consisted of players as low as 509?! I did have the "enforce ilevel bracket" checked. Am I doing something wrong?! I can't get it straight. Thanks, again.

OK!! I downloaded the Ogear addon u offer & seems to fix my problem with not being able to inspect. But I would still like advice about Oque not sticking to my ilevel requirements. Thank u!! :D


Since at least 2.0, oQueue has shown either the minimum specified ilevel or the lowest ilevel in the group, whichever is lowest. this was done to remove any confusion for those wanting to join the group. some people do not mind carrying a lowbie ... while others feel taken advantage of. this way, all the cards are on the table

Thanks Tiny! No, I dont mind carrying a lowbie, although I cant carry an entire group of them. When I specify my minimum requirements, I dont understand y my wait-list fills up with a big bunch of 509-540, when I ask for 545 & ^! I did download the Ogear (thank u very much), that helps me identify. The bug appears to b fixed now, I think. I really appreciate u taking the time to respond to my posts!!! It helps so much :D

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