oGear not working?

Hey guys, I'm glad you moved the oGear function into its own addon, however, with the arrival of 6.0.2 I can't seem to get it to work. Not sure if I broke something, but maybe it worked for a bit yesterday and now it does not. I checked to make sure it's not disabled or anything of the sort and I upgraded it to the latest version on your site. Any help or info would be appreciated, thanks.


When you open your character window by pressing (C), at the bottom it will say "show ilvl", is that checked?

also try the command /ogear on

I'm having a similar problem. It was working fine, then when I logged on today the message in chat came up: "Ogear highlight: OFF".

Went interface, addons, Ogear, and enable and highlight were both unchecked. Checked both of them, pushed apply, and okay, and I got same message again - and when I went back into options, the boxes were once again unticked. This happens each time I tick them.

hmph. that's new.

i'm able to reproduce... will push an update shortly

update: oGear 0.1.4 now available. thx for the heads up

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